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DO YOU DESERVE A BREAK? 🌞 Disconnect from the daily routine in this adventure and make a mindful pause while enjoying the natural landscapes of the Chagres National Park, a paradise very little explored and full of wildlife in Panama.

In our Yoga and Wellness Retreat you will walk through ancestral paths, revitalise your body, refresh your mind, release deep emotions and establish a clear direction towards a healthy and harmonious life.

More than just a vacation; it is also the perfect opportunity to rediscover yourself and regain your balance. Our program is designed to help you eliminate stress, increase flexibility and find inner calm through meditation, yoga, movement, contact with nature, self-love gatherings, nutritious food and healing arts. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey into the heart of Central America by joining us.


charges national park

UNESCO World Heritage Site | PANAMA

Sometimes you need space to choose how you focus on your time, thoughts, and energy. This retreat is an experience of fusing the ancient wisdom of yoga and modern adventures for creating a life you want to bring into the reality of your life. Everyone is living in survival mode. This retreat will assist you to access higher levels of creativity, courage, stillness, silence, and movement to share within yourself.


Prepare yourself to share hand in hand with people who also want a safe space for peace and calm to return to their presence, a place to have fun and relax. This Panamanian sacred lands welcome us in a magical place never before commercialised, to live an experience rich in wildlife, wellness, culture and intention. Where we will all travel to recharge, enjoy yoga, meditation and delicious dishes made at the moment by the hands of our hosts.


⎯Somatic workshops to connect with your senses.

⎯A great feeling of expansion, gratitude and relaxation.
⎯Fresh food to nourish your being from the inside.
⎯Wellness - Ecological workshops
A boost in metabolic processes
⎯Heart opening grounding experiences 
⎯Daily yoga sessions focussed on chakras (energy centers) alignment
⎯Tailor made Adventures, strolls through nature and inspiring views.

⎯miguel's center

All of the accommodations are built with ecological practices in mind. Rustic rooms have either a jungle or mountains views and they are decorated with local art. Miguel's place is a sustainably minded, eco-conscious center where you can enjoy a wild setting with basic accommodations, shaded hammocks, lots of trees, birds chirping and the sound of the Piedra River flowing close to the property.


🌟Mi Asana Welcome Kit


Private Transportation

Certified guides and instructors


3 days / 2 nights Accommodations


2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks and beverages. Everything's organic


2 Multilevel Yoga Sessions


3 group Wellness Workshops


Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Tales and Bonfires every night

🧘🏻‍♀️With Yoga, you increase your balance, overrall strength and flexibility.


🌟With Conscious movement you learn to release emotional wounds generated in the past and transform it into new energy.


🪴With Meditation you learn to observe the mind so that it surrenders to live in the NOW.


🌳With nature contact you will create the space for energy to flow freely and naturally.



I am here as your instructor, guide and friend during your time at Panama. My love language is creating a safe and nurturing environment, for one to rest and feel comfortable in. Authenticity, raw and honest truth are my living guidelines. I am all about living a slow paced life, taking the time to nourish myself from inside out, space for reflection and integration and lots of adventures in nature.


My wish is for you to join our soul - family and experience a safe space where you can dive into your own heart, learn, grow and most importantly have fun! Take full advantage of your time in paradise and turn it into a learning adventure!🙏🏻

Mi Asana invites you to take the time out to simply be present with yourself. To connect back with your heart, connect with nature, rediscover your inner world, and live alongside like-minded people.


These are small group retreats with no more than 12 people at a time, therefore you will have plenty of 1:1 time with the hosts and the teachers. This also creates a safe and quiet atmosphere for your retreat time. 


Listen to your heart!❤️ You do not have to participate in all the activities, and resting or doing as much as you need to is strongly advised. Please note that the schedule changes according to the season.

Whether you are a beginner to yoga and wellness or you have been practicing for a while, everyone is welcome here.

Welcome angel!

Join us for this 3 days Yoga Retreat in Panama🌴 by filling this form


mi asana yoga


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